Educational Community License question

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at
Sun Oct 30 19:36:17 UTC 2005

You can put any type of copyright notice in that area.  However, you mention "Terms and Conditions".  Adding additional conditions to the license may invalidate OSI certification.  Could you reply with the text you are planning to add?  We will explain whether it's appropriate.

> Hi Everyone!
> I have a small question to ask regarding the Educational Community 
> License ( ) and hope that 
> someone can help me out here.  There is one part of the license which 
> states:
> "Any pre-existing intellectual property disclaimers, notices, or 
> terms and conditions"
> Where would i put any notices/terms and conditions for a work that i 
> wish to put up under this Educational Community License?  
> Is it just after the part which says "Copyright (c) <year> <copyright 
> holders>"?
> Would the Open Source Initiative consider any such insertion or 
> notices/T&Cs to constitute a valid Educational Community License 
> version 1.0?  
> Or can i cut and paste only as displayed in the website 
>   ?
> Am hoping to use the ECL as it meets my needs but need to clarify the 
> above first as i don't want to have to write a new one for 
> approval/submission.
> Thanks for any help you can render!!
> Cheers,
> Julian
> "Slavish adherence to tradition is a sign that one has nothing better 
> else to think 
> about."
> - Natasha Kerensky

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