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Jules hammerjammer at
Mon Oct 31 04:24:02 UTC 2005

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply!
I interpreted that line to mean only to what was printed immediately 
following, without any modification allowed. 
I thought the OSI intended to have the whole thing as listed in the 
webpage in as verbatim and any change would have rendered the license 
invalid and thus not capable of applying the OSI License Mark/Graphic 
on the documentation.  Looks like my assumption was incorrect. :)

So, I guess i can insert my customized notices between these two 
"Copyright (c) <year> <copyright holders>"
"Licensed under the Educational Community License version 1.0"
and not be in contravention to the OSI license, yes?

Can anyone from the Board or Management of the Open Source Initiative 
confirm this is indeed ok by the OSI? 

Thanks loads!!


Date sent:      	Sun, 30 Oct 2005 10:50:30 -0800
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> The license says to "placed the following notice immediately following
> the copyright notice for the Original Work"... which would mean that
> you should place the original notices and then the ECL. (This is not
> legal advice, of course... just what I would do). best, Joe
> On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 22:55:14 +800, Jules wrote: > Hi Everyone! > > I have a
> small question to ask regarding the Educational Community > License (
> ) and hope that > someone
> can help me out here.  There is one part of the license which >
> states: > > "Any pre-existing intellectual property disclaimers,
> notices, or > terms and conditions" > > Where would i put any
> notices/terms and conditions for a work that i > wish to put up under
> this Educational Community License? > Is it just after the part which
> says "Copyright (c) <year> <copyright > holders>"? > Would the Open
> Source Initiative consider any such insertion or > notices/T&Cs to
> constitute a valid Educational Community License > version 1.0? > Or
> can i cut and paste only as displayed in the website >
>   ? > > Am hoping to use
> the ECL as it meets my needs but need to clarify the > above first as
> i don't want to have to write a new one for > approval/submission. > >
> Thanks for any help you can render!! > > Cheers, > Julian > > "Slavish
> adherence to tradition is a sign that one has nothing better > else to
> think > about." > - Natasha Kerensky > >
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