Educational Community License question

Jules hammerjammer at
Sun Oct 30 14:55:14 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone!

I have a small question to ask regarding the Educational Community 
License ( ) and hope that 
someone can help me out here.  There is one part of the license which 

"Any pre-existing intellectual property disclaimers, notices, or 
terms and conditions"

Where would i put any notices/terms and conditions for a work that i 
wish to put up under this Educational Community License?  
Is it just after the part which says "Copyright (c) <year> <copyright 
Would the Open Source Initiative consider any such insertion or 
notices/T&Cs to constitute a valid Educational Community License 
version 1.0?  
Or can i cut and paste only as displayed in the website   ?

Am hoping to use the ECL as it meets my needs but need to clarify the 
above first as i don't want to have to write a new one for 

Thanks for any help you can render!!


"Slavish adherence to tradition is a sign that one has nothing better 
else to think 
- Natasha Kerensky

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