NPO Developers License

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Apr 28 12:51:15 UTC 2005

Don Cameron writes ("RE: NPO Developers License"):
> my question, [remains] simply as written: "I am seeking a software license
> allowing access to, and modification of the source and prohibiting the sale
> of original or modified derivatives - Is there such a license approved by
> OSI?".

Like all good technologists (and no doubt good laywers, although I'm
no lawyer) we are trying to solve your real problem based on the
information you've provided.  To answer only the question asked can
often allow the questioner to remain uncorrected in error, and can
amount to bad advice.

Your question appears to us to be based on a misunderstanding of the
relevant rules as they would usually apply to NPOs in most places,
even though we do not know exactly which jurisdictions' rules you are
asking about (since you haven't told us - why not?).

So, in direct answer to the question you _ought_ to have asked:
yes, we think many OSI-approved licences will meet your needs.


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