NPO Developers License

Don Cameron donc at
Thu Apr 28 12:35:19 UTC 2005

Ian thanks for your contribution but in writing: "It is difficult to answer
your questions properly if all we're answering is vague fear, uncertainty
and doubt", you mistake my perhaps poor and probably unnecessary attempt to
explain our concerns for a question of itself. It is not, nor do I doubt, am
fearful or uncertain of the validity of these concerns in our circumstance
although I do thank those who offered a different perspective. 

My question contains no hidden complexities, does not as you write apply to
proprietary ownership, a concept of 'forcing people to pay' or the opposite,
people not having to pay by virtue of a free download option. These are
niceties or nasties depending on your perspective but beyond the scope of my
question, which remains simply as written: "I am seeking a software license
allowing access to, and modification of the source and prohibiting the sale
of original or modified derivatives - Is there such a license approved by

Other respondents suggest the answer is no, and having read further the
details provided by OSI I accept this answer (points awarded to Ernest
Prabhakar whose advice I intend to follow). Thank you all for taking the
time to help my understanding.


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