Best licence for my software?

John Cowan jcowan at
Mon Apr 18 04:58:01 UTC 2005

David Dillard scripsit:

> Ah, but the open source dual license model is where the licensee, not
> the licensor, determines that the licensee would like to use a non-open
> source license (assuming one is available).

Not so.  Suppose I issue a program under the GPL but also offer
a proprietary license for $100.  Nothing says that I *have* to license
everyone who is willing to pay $100; the latter is a contract and requires
the consent of *both* parties.

> The OSD is quit specific: No discrimination against persons or groups is
> allowed.

That's interpreted to mean that everyone must get at least an open source
license.  Nothing says that some people can't get more favorable terms
by reason of either status (i.e. being my cousin Fred, or a university
student) or contract.


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