Best licence for my software?

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Mon Apr 18 03:18:19 UTC 2005

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> Matthew Seth Flaschen wrote:
> > I know you see it like that.  But say, you offer license A to 
> > everyone, and license B to only university students.  
> Then assume 
> > license B has "better" terms[meaning less copyleft]. You are 
> > discriminating against the non-university people by not given them 
> > "better terms", so license B is discriminative, and therefore 
> > non-opensource. It's just a question of perspective.
> Surely this is a standard case of dual licensing? One license 
> for one group, another for a second group; and one of the 
> licenses is open source. Does it make a difference whether 
> the other license is "academic use only" or "payment required"?

Ah, but the open source dual license model is where the licensee, not
the licensor, determines that the licensee would like to use a non-open
source license (assuming one is available).

The OSD is quit specific: No discrimination against persons or groups is

--- David

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