Best licence for my software?

Alex Bligh alex at
Mon Apr 18 05:49:51 UTC 2005

--On 18 April 2005 00:58 -0400 John Cowan <jcowan at> wrote:

>> Ah, but the open source dual license model is where the licensee, not
>> the licensor, determines that the licensee would like to use a non-open
>> source license (assuming one is available).
> Not so.  Suppose I issue a program under the GPL but also offer
> a proprietary license for $100.  Nothing says that I *have* to license
> everyone who is willing to pay $100; the latter is a contract and requires
> the consent of *both* parties.

Yes, but he still runs into a problem when the GPL licensee contributes
a modification which he then can't use in the proprietary version.


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