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Kevin Bedell kevin at
Wed Sep 22 20:33:30 UTC 2004

> > Minor point of order:  Given that Bob wasn't submitting a licence for
> > OSI approval, this has all been a (possibly entertaining, conceivably
> > enlightening) off-topic digression.  Ergo, Bob might get thoughtful
> > responses, but shouldn't be surprised if few bother.
> Agreed, not suprised, though possibly disappointed. It's unfortunate
> if the only intentional path to enlightenment is via the subterfuge
> of submitting a license for approval.

Having someone from a major enterprise software vendor pose these questions here
doesn't seem to me to be off-topic. Rather, it seems like an appropriate (or
respectful, even) way for that vendor to approach and interact with the open
source community.

Even if nothing comes of the discussion with respect to specific current
licenses being proposed, this discussion helps the vendor learn how to 'play by
(and respect) the rules' of the community. I'd say it also provides a model for
other vendors interested in learning to work with the community.

Every major software vendor is probably evaluating converting some existing
products to open source (e.g., Solaris and Ingress). Given that this is the
only list hosted by the OSI (that I could find anyway), I couldn't name a more
appropriate place to hold this discussion.

Maybe there needs to be a more appropriate place created? Maybe this needs to
become the appropriate place?


Kevin Bedell
Black Duck Software

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
 - Albert Einstein

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