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Rick Moen rick at
Wed Sep 22 21:36:18 UTC 2004

Quoting Kevin Bedell (kevin at

> Having someone from a major enterprise software vendor pose these
> questions here doesn't seem to me to be off-topic. 

I did say _minor_ point of order.  However:

This list exists primarily to evaluate for OSD-compliance licences
proposed to OSI for its approval.  That's not my invention; it's a fact.
Bob may well have seeking to interact with the open source community in
all manner of meritorious ways, but that simply doesn't address my

Because of that fact, as I was saying, it's very likely that Bob may get
few thoughtful responses, because many posters simply aren't here to run
a symposium on theoretical licensing issues.  (No doubt others are here
specifically for that, the Net being as it is.)

Additionally to that, many "Please evaluate this theoretical licence"
posts in the past (and I'm not pointing to any specific one, here) have
been fairly transparent attempts to slide substantively proprietary
licensing past the OSD.  I see no reason to assist, regardless of who
the speaker is.  (Equally, spending time on apparently purposeless and
redundant YAPLs seems an unrewarding pastime.)

> Given that this is the only list hosted by the OSI (that I could find
> anyway), I couldn't name a more appropriate place to hold this
> discussion.

Irrelevant to my point.  Note:  I wasn't objecting to the off-topic
digression, just explaining why Bob might expect relatively few
thoughtful responses.

> Maybe there needs to be a more appropriate place created? Maybe this
> needs to become the appropriate place?

I can provide some suitable software, if you wish to create one of your
own.  With forkably-licensed software, even.

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