compatibility and the OSD

Nick Moffitt nick at
Mon Sep 20 14:50:57 UTC 2004

begin  Bob Scheifler  quotation:
> 2. A derivative work in executable form that has passed the unmodified
>    test suite can be distributed under a license of your choosing.
> 3. Any other derivative work can only be distributed under this license.
>    Any such distribution must include the unmodified test suite and
>    test suite documentation.

	Provided both licenses pass the OSD, this is entirely
acceptable.  The example given during the earlier days of this list
(or was it Debian-legal?) was:

	"This software is licensed in whole under the BSD license,
unless you are Tom Christiansen,  in which case it is under the GPL."

	There are obvious loopholes in this example (and I think yours
is far more robust), but since either situation passes the OSD (The
first being BSD, the second being GPL) there is no problem.

	Just think of it as a conditional dual-licensing situation
rather than coming up with some new license.  

	Of course, if you really are coming up with some license that
does not meet the OSD in the event that the user does not pass the
test suite, then that is no more acceptable than Sun's Java license.

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