compatibility and the OSD

Bob Scheifler Bob.Scheifler at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 20 15:02:59 UTC 2004

> 1. If you cannot distribute the test suite in source code form, the
>    licensed work is not open source, regardless of license terms.

I have no objection to changing my license sketch to say that the
source code of the test suite is also included in the licensed work.

However, I'm curious about your statement. I assume an open source
license is permitted to license things in addition to source code;
for example, documentation. As long as the OSD is satisfied with
respect to the licensed source code, how/why would the license terms
for the other things conflict with the OSD? Why couldn't an executable
test suite be considered one of those other things?

>    Can you clarify how the test suite will be distributed?

My intent is that it is simply distributed as part of the work.
Perhaps I'm not understanding your question.

> 2. The OSD requires technology-neutral licensing.  How will someone license
>    the software and test suite for non-mainstream platforms?  Even when the
>    test suite is not available on a platform, is there a OSD-compatible
>    license option available?

Hmm, I took OSD#10 as applying narrowly to acceptance of the license
itself, given the stated rationale for it. I had hoped the sketch
I provided did not conflict with the two requirements stated in the
rationale. You seem to be suggesting a broader interpretation of OSD#10?

- Bob

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