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Bernhard Fastenrath bfastenrath at
Fri Nov 12 00:12:04 UTC 2004

Alex Rousskov wrote:

> On Thu, 2004/11/11 (MST), <bfastenrath at> wrote:
>> I decided to add paragraph 5 to the STWL to prevent patent
>> claims against open source software: please comment.
>>      3. You make an attempt to promote the use of this software [...]
>>      4. You agree to be of assistance at least twice [...]
>>      5. If you are owner of software patents you agree to refrain from
>> any legal action based on infringement of your intellectual property  
>> claims against users of open source software and concerning open 
>> source  software as defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).
> This is still incomplete, IMO. Can you add a few more paragraphs 
> requiring  software users not to support preemptive war strikes, 
> environment  destruction, and domestic violence? The list can get rather 
> long, but  perhaps you can generalize along these lines:
>        6. If you are a bad person, you make at least two attempts to  
> become better.
>        7. If you vote, you agree to refrain from voting for bad people.
> This approach should make Spam The World License complete and OSI would  
> not have to approve  multiple revisions of it. Renaming the license 
> into  something like Force The World Into Happiness License may be a 
> good idea.

I'm a member of ( but I didn't add a clause that 
requires the user of the software to be a vegan vegetarian even though
the thought had crossed my mind, as I have to admit.

I think it's unfair of you to react on thoughts I have not expressed
and also you should read
and decide for yourself if that is a valid argumentation for you.

I'm currently planning an NNTP-based web forum with a special moderation
function that allows to expose logical fallacies 
( in postings
as we are seeing to much of this in politics as well as in our daily 
lives. The result will hopefully be that the users of this forum will
learn to recognize and reject logical fallacies and, as a consequence,
reduce the line noise in the forum by moderating down useless postings
instead of replying to them.

-- <>

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