New W3C Software License: Please update OSI page

Joseph Reagle reagle at
Mon Jan 6 20:31:27 UTC 2003

In compliance with [1] I'm requesting that you please update the W3C license 
maintained [2] on your site as that license (copyright-software-19980720) 
is now deprecated. The new version [3] was created so as to ensure 
continuing compatability with the OSI definition and GPL. Please indicate 
if this request does not satisfy your policies or if its resolution will 
exceed more than three months. Thank you.

   This formulation of W3C's notice and license became active on December
   31 2002. This version removes the copyright ownership notice such that
   this license can be used with materials other than those owned by the
   W3C, reflects that ERCIM is now a host of the W3C, includes references
   to this specific dated version of the license, and removes the
   ambiguous grant of "use". Otherwise, this version is the same as the
   previous version and is written so as to preserve the Free Software
   Foundation's assessment of GPL compatibility and OSI's certification
   under the Open Source Definition....

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