BXAPL - proposed license

Abe Kornelis abe at bixoft.nl
Tue Jan 7 21:15:12 UTC 2003

Hello all,

Some time ago I requested comments on the BXAPL - which is an
open-source license currently under development.

It is a license which tries to cover two kinds of software,
'normal' software and also - as a separate category - 
programming tools. The license imposes slightly less
stringent restrictions on users of programming tools.

Because various sections in the license apply differently
for the two kinds of software, the language of the license
has become rather unwieldy in places, making the license
difficult to read and understand.

This was never my intention, so I'm trying to explore

I have thought of splitting the license into two licenses:
one for 'normal' software and one for 'programming tools'.
The disadvantage would be that this creates an awful lot
of redundancy. Packages containing both types of software
would need to include both license texts, etc.

Another approach might be to split only those licenses
which apply differently for each kind of software.
Less redundancy, more clarity - I'd guess.

Does anyone have other arguments or ideas?
All comments are most welcome.

For those who are interested, you can find the
last version of the license proposal on our site:

Thanks for your attention, Abe Kornelis.

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