The Feudal Lord Analogy

Richard Stallman rms at
Wed Mar 20 05:11:07 UTC 2002

    > I appeal to everyone in this discussion to resist and reject the use
    > of the propaganda term "intellectual property" to label the topic now

    ??? - Nobody used it this way. 

I was responding to this text, written by someone in this discussion
(I don't know who, but it isn't crucial).

    > While there are differences between copyrights and patents, 
    > the purpose of
    > both is protection of your IP.

Describing software as "intellectual property" is confusion
of the sort I described, in the worst possible degree.

    It appears clearly you did not follow the thread.

That is correct, I am not following the thread, just skimming the
messages for basic points I ought to respond to.  I don't have time
to study those long messages.

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