The Feudal Lord Analogy (Response to Mr Stallman)

I.R.Maturana irm at
Wed Mar 20 11:18:00 UTC 2002

> I was responding to this text, written by someone in this discussion
> (I don't know who, but it isn't crucial).

Uh ! Mr Stallman, I wonder if you are saying either you have 
nothing to say or that you prefer to talk with some spirits. 
You can name me, I have a name. 

> Describing software as "intellectual property" is confusion
> of the sort I described, in the worst possible degree.

Be aware that there are biases that have nothing to do with 
Saying that you do not like some flavor in the atmosphere 
does not imply you must stop to breathe. 
And your amazing appeal to the assistance to stop breathing, 
is surely not the better way to keep them alive. 

> That is correct, I am not following the thread, just skimming the
> messages for basic points I ought to respond to.  I don't have time
> to study those long messages.

My Lord, you should re-read any Internet FAQ about list usage, 
in particular, about people sending void, non-useful messages.

Sincerely, I should prefer we do not continue this thread, because
this is like opening a hole under your feet. 
After your second message, I guess you have perfectly read the 
thread and presume that your difficulties are not related to your 
lack of time. I have no more time than you, but my priorities are 
evidently not the same than yours.

By your response, I am sincerely sorry to see you are falling 
twice in this stupid trick, because I know who you are. 
This was not my wish to provoke nor assist to this spectacle. 
I you need further assistance for argumentation (not for lateral 
biases, please) write me privately: I shall be happy to assist you. 


Related to some thread about OSD issues, I tried to give some point 
based on my researches, and fund this thread particularly interesting.

I am here because I sent an approval request for a 
Public License of Translation:

This was a formal, neutral request, but after the present happening, 
i feel myself curious to know how my request will be considered 
by OSI members. 

After that, I will follow my own route, as everyone should do.

Best regards, cordialement.

(Please, Mr Stallman, avoid a third time show, or simply come back to 
the thread, or I will send you a link about the story of some Greece 
philosopher who fall into a well ! :-D)

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