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Tue Mar 5 18:00:17 UTC 2002

At 12:37 PM -0500 5/3/02, Forrest J Cavalier III wrote:
>  > pronoic is a word (albeit a made up word) meaning the opposite of
>>  paranoic.  it is also a name, but so is apple, and netscape and
>>  apache.  they can use their name in their own licences.
>Undefined words no place in legal documents.

okay. I am happy to define pronoic within the licence.

>If a made up word appears, or is offset in "" it will be
>assumed to be a name or a trademark.

I can be more explicit with my definitions then.  I will make some ammendments.

>Captilization differences in names are a pretty thin edge
>to hang an argument on in a court of law.

sans any statements of explanation or definition i agree and will make changes.

>When read that way, the only way to comply is to get
>written permission.  The OSD conflict is that you cannot
>require written permission.  That is what I meant when
>I write there was conflict.

that's fine as we don't require written permission.  if you do get 
written permission then there are things you must have complied with, 
but there is no actual requirement for written permission for 

>BTW, as I understand it, there are important reasons that
>you never want your trademarkable name to have a defined
>meaning.  I mention this because if you try to solve the
>license conflicst by defining "pronoic" and you are successful
>in propagating your meme, then I think you be unable to
>protect a trademark on the company name or software.

i understand this but to us it is more important to propogate the use 
of the term Pronoic than to try and protect the name from use.

>P.S. the "name" vs "description" distinction is amusing to
>anyone who knows Douglas Hofstadters writings.  You get a
>wink and a nodm from the geeks here.  But they don't belong
>in a legal document.

:-)  i'm glad you see where I am coming from with this, but I must 
disagree with you.  legal documents are exactly the place for such 
distinctions IMHO.

I will make the amedments discussed in this and a previous email and 
resubmit the APOSSL for your perusal a little later on.

cheers and many thanks for your feedback so far.


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