Discuss: Request for OSI approval

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Apr 26 05:46:01 UTC 2002

Quoting Chris Knight (cknight at ghostwheel.com):

> It was an attachment, not the body of the email.  

I actually wasn't discussing your e-mail, at all:  I was making a
suggestion for the OSI Web site.  One that strikes me as a no-brainer,
in fact.

> Even a purist can't complain about that, unless they have a poorly
> configured mail client that in-lined an attachment.

I've already stated the common view among the technical users who are
this mailing list's core audience:  General e-mail is and should remain
a text medium, and HTML is obnoxious there, no matter how plastered onto
it.  You obviously differ.  Oh well.

> Also, I did not post IN HTML format; again, it was an attachment.  

Your distinction is irrelevant to my point, and I would appreciate your
not "helping" further.  Thanks.

> Do you have a USEFUL critique of the license or is your only complaint that 
> it had CHARACTERS which offended you?  

I might consider analysing your seemingly pointless licence in some
entirely separate discussion (except that prior critiques seem to have
done a good job):   My post concerned OSI's mailing list and the
submissions Web page's effect on it.

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