Discuss: Request for OSI approval

Chris Knight cknight at ghostwheel.com
Fri Apr 26 05:17:19 UTC 2002

At 09:36 PM 4/25/2002 -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
>Quoting Russell Nelson (nelson at crynwr.com):
> > We specifically ask them for HTML, because it's easier to remove
> > markup than create it from scratch.
>Personal opinion, but very widely held:  HTML in e-mail is obnoxious.
>It should be confined to the Web.

It was an attachment, not the body of the email.  Even a purist can't 
complain about that, unless they have a poorly configured mail client that 
in-lined an attachment.

>Observation:  The OSL submissions guidelines, item #1, ask submitters to
>put the licence on the _Web_ in HTML format.  The separate item about
>posting to this mailing list does _not_ say post in HTML format.

My first post did not include the license as an attachment, I was requested 
to attach the license and resend.  Also, I did not post IN HTML format; 
again, it was an attachment.  I suggest you check the configuration of your 
mail client.

Do you have a USEFUL critique of the license or is your only complaint that 
it had CHARACTERS which offended you?  I'm much more interested in working 
towards having an OSI approved license than I am in petty complaints over 
the text formatting.  I'm sure other members of the list have more 
important things to worry about as well.


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