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Steve Mallett steve at
Fri Sep 28 06:45:56 UTC 2001

> > I just talked myself into it.  That's a damn good idea.
> Thanks ;-)
> Note that this still boils down to a filtering mechanims.  I *do* like
> the (theoretical) effectiveness of collaborative filtering tools.  A
> "news" like feature could be implemented by skimming highly-rated items,
> comments, and/or threads from general discussion.  Scoop's only made
> partial progress in this regard to date.

hehe.  Your idea of the l-d highlights is good too, but I meant the general 
news cataloguing.  8^) 

However, that may end up being done aswell as we continue to hash out a more 
effective discussion medium/method.  In the mean-time it could be done the 
old fashioned way (if someone was so inclined, not me!) & posted once a 
week/month to the list.
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