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> Let's all step back from this and address the basic problems: How can we
> create a focused online mechanism where members of the community can
> review and comment on specific licenses?  Can we do that in such a way
> that we don't also choke off the more general discussions that enrich
> our community?

(If I didn't get so much email myself, I would yell at the
board for pretending to be members of the community while
not reading the discussions here.  Sigh.  Email used to be
soooo cool, when we responded to every message.)


Idea #1.

How about assigning a tracking code to each license

If someone expects a board member to get a comment,
posters must ensure the tracking number is in the
Subject header.

Then the board members can visit the archives, search
for the subjects with the tracking number.  Pick
out a few posts, and see if the discussion was
interesting and likely to sway their decision.

Instead of needing a fancy request tracking system,
I suggest by-hand assignment of a tracking code of
the form
Where LS is literal, and NN is -01 for the first
license submitted that day, -02 for the second.

E.g. LS2001-09-24-01


Idea #2.  This list is remarkably good a reaching
consensus.  I don't think we all should get "votes" on
licenses, but we can state our objections and
concerns, (which is really the most important input
the board wants to have.)  

To build on the tracking code idea, we could put the
tracking code, the word "Concern" in the subject line
so that these posts in the archives stand out.


BTW, I won't visit a web forum either.


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