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> Secondly, assuming that there is still a backlog of some degree, is
> there anything that I, as a newbie to this group but a reasonably
> legalese-savvy and intelligent open-source advocate might be able to do
> to help out in this regard?  I can't necessarily promise huge amounts of
> spare time for such things, but if there are things where having another
> set of eyes in the loop here and there or having somebody to help
> organize some part of things would help with, or whatever, I'm willing
> to do what I can to help.

The obvious matter is of doing what this list is for - commenting on and
discussing licenses that are up for approval.

There was a suggestion of forming focus-groups of people who could commit to
more in-depth examination and writing semi-formal reports (made by myself).
Those members of the board who monitor and post to this list responded in a
non-committal but quite cold fashion, so some of use decided to try it,
although we haven't got far as I at least was suddenly more busy than I
expected. This situation should be different soon.

When we have made one sample report we will say what the OSI Board have to

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