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Steve Mallett steve at opensourcedirectory.com
Fri Sep 21 22:54:36 UTC 2001

> Or maybe I won't bother.  I like the concept of the OSI and what they're
> ostensibly doing, and I'd even like to help, but when it comes right
> down to it, it's not like OSI certification is actually _useful_ for
> anything..

It's really useful.  Maybe not in your case, but let me explain.
As a user (as opposed to a developer in this example) I really and truley 
don't give a shit (inserted for dramatic effect only) what license a progam I 
use has other than to know it is compliant with the open-source definition.  
It's license is on the list?  Great, I'm in.  

The day I read all those licenses to figure out every little detail of what 
they all mean is the day I shoot myself.  Is it  'OSI certified'? That's all 
I need to know.  That someone who knows this legal mumbo-jumbo and given it 
the nod is good enough for me.

As more newbies come looking for this thing 'open-source' they keep hearing 
about they're going to want to know one thing only.  Is it open-source or 
not? Yes or no?

Please reconsider your position.

IANAL, but I play one on TV!

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