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Rick Moen rick at
Sat Sep 22 16:13:09 UTC 2001

begin Steve Lhomme quotation:

> Completely. Since they are pending, they are not mentioned on the
> website.

Therefore:  Consider yourself invited to read their postings to the list
archives and report back.  

> Well, I thought the OSI was there to approve or not the new licenses
> (you meet the rules, you don't meet the rules), not stop new ones
> because they don't add anything, anyway.

Ah, so you're now switching tactics, dropping the vague appeals to
theory, and falling back on procedure?

> Also if anybody create a new license (that's nearly my case, because I'm
> helping building a new open-source license), they'll be either reluctant to
> wait for an hypothetical OSI approval and will be waiting ages for nothing,
> or they just won't ask the OSI and start spreading it in other places.

Ah, so you're speaking for an invisible "silent majority", so to speak.

> I know it takes time, and maybe money to do all that. But if they can't work
> on it anymore, why don't they say it ? (make things clear with the
> community)

You know, Steve, I kind of liked your earlier assertion of evolutionary 
advantages to new licences, and am still looking forward to your
adducing examples of them.  Too bad that requires _work_ on your part,
when gratuitously complaining about other people is undoubtedly a great
deal easier.

Cheers,                      Evolution:  Life's a niche, and then you die.
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