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Sat Sep 22 16:03:26 UTC 2001

| begin Steve Lhomme quotation:
| > First, I don't know what are the pending-to-be-certified licenses.
| Ah, so yours was purely a _theoretical_ concern.

Completely. Since they are pending, they are not mentioned on the website.

| Well, please do talk to us about the evolutionary merit of some new
| licence when you can actually point to one displaying such a trait.

Well, I thought the OSI was there to approve or not the new licenses (you
meet the rules, you don't meet the rules), not stop new ones because they
don't add anything, anyway.

Also if anybody create a new license (that's nearly my case, because I'm
helping building a new open-source license), they'll be either reluctant to
wait for an hypothetical OSI approval and will be waiting ages for nothing,
or they just won't ask the OSI and start spreading it in other places. So
what would the OSI be worth if they stop doing what they're here for ?!

I know it takes time, and maybe money to do all that. But if they can't work
on it anymore, why don't they say it ? (make things clear with the

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