Backlog assistance?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at
Sat Sep 22 16:58:09 UTC 2001

| > Completely. Since they are pending, they are not mentioned on the
| > website.
| Therefore:  Consider yourself invited to read their postings to the list
| archives and report back.

I will. But if you followed the thread I replied to a message that
complained about a license being backlogged. And even if I'm new to this
list it's not the first time I see people complaining about the stalled
state of the OSI. (and outside this list too)

| > Well, I thought the OSI was there to approve or not the new licenses
| > (you meet the rules, you don't meet the rules), not stop new ones
| > because they don't add anything, anyway.
| Ah, so you're now switching tactics, dropping the vague appeals to
| theory, and falling back on procedure?

Tactics ? Is there a contradiction between theory and practical things ? Is
it because my previous message was theoretical that I should only speak of
theoretical things ?
This paragraph was related to what I said after it, not my previous

| > Also if anybody create a new license (that's nearly my case, because I'm
| > helping building a new open-source license), they'll be either reluctant
| > wait for an hypothetical OSI approval and will be waiting ages for
| > or they just won't ask the OSI and start spreading it in other places.
| Ah, so you're speaking for an invisible "silent majority", so to speak.

Before I arrived to this list, I already knew the OSI was very slow (nearly
dead). So I was part of that silent majority that never post a message here.
So even if I don't consider myself as a spokes-person for anybody, I could
reply "yes". But I don't know if that's a majority, so that's "no".

| > I know it takes time, and maybe money to do all that. But if they can't
| > on it anymore, why don't they say it ? (make things clear with the
| > community)
| You know, Steve, I kind of liked your earlier assertion of evolutionary
| advantages to new licences, and am still looking forward to your
| adducing examples of them.  Too bad that requires _work_ on your part,
| when gratuitously complaining about other people is undoubtedly a great
| deal easier.

If I had the time to do read all the pending licenses to find out what are
the evolutionary ones, I'll probably join the OSI and also (at the same
time) find out which one meet the OSI rules and would add them to the list
of the "OSI Certified" licenses. Unfortunately I don't have that time, nor
whishes to join the OSI (for the moment). I'll let them (OSI) do their job,
and I'll do mine (developper and contributor to a license not even pending).

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