Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

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Wed Oct 31 08:45:22 UTC 2001

on Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 09:32:40PM -0800, David Johnson (david at wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 October 2001 09:07 pm, Russell Nelson wrote:
> >  > ??? GPL my copy of FreeBSD ???
> >  >
> >  > Precisely how do I go about this? Replace all copies of the BSD license
> >  > under /usr/src and recompile?
> >
> > Why bother?  Why not simply decide in your own head that, if you ever
> > give away a copy of your FreeBSD, you'll do so under the GPL.  Poof,
> > instant GPL'ed operating system.
> Okay, we can play fun little metaphysical games with the BSD license, but it 
> ignores an important point: the BSD+Patent License restricts what operating 
> systems you may use it on. I can't use it on Solaris, QNX or IRIX. And I 
> can't use it on some imaginary MPL or QPL licensed OS. This is a violation of 
> clause 8. Wasn't the OpenMotif license reject for the same reason?

I'd disqualify it on 6, but not 8.  It's not specific to a product, but
it *is* specific to a field of endeavor:  OS applications.


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