Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Oct 31 05:12:10 UTC 2001

I think approving this sets a dangerous precedent.  

In order to approve this, the OSI has to take the view that
"well, we approve documents of any length, of any content,
as long as the software license parts are OSD compliant.  We
ignore everything else in the document."

Are you saying that if I take an OSI-approved license, insert a clause

   "The members of the OSI board are unthinking robots!  They had no
    choice in approving this license."

I end up with something you must approve?  (I am tired or I am sure
that I could Godel and Quine my way to a really clever false = true

Any software license which restricts use to only publicly available
GPL'ed OSs, (the way their patent license does), would obviously fail
to meet the OSD.

Tell me why you have to put the OSI's good name on this.  There
is no precedent for it.  (The GPL may not play nice with other
licenses, but it restricts copying, not use.)


>                             This patent license shall apply to the
> combination of the Software and any operating system licensed under
> the GNU Public License version 2.0 or later if, at the time Intel
> provides the Software to Recipient, such addition of the Software to
> the then publicly available versions of such operating system
> available under the GNU Public License version 2.0 or later (whether
> in gold, beta or alpha form) causes such combination to be covered
> by the Licensed Patents. 

Is that a record for the longest sentence in an OSI-considered
license?  I read that 10 times before I understood it.

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