MrNet has a non compliant opensource license

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on Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 09:33:01AM +0000, Rui Miguel Seabra (rms at wrote:
> Hello,
> A portuguese company, MrNet, is advertising an "opensource" product, and flags a certain license [ ] as opensource.
> A quick inspection reveals that the first 8 of the 9 points of the open source definition are almost completely disregarded, and the last one is simply addressed by omission.
> I have posted in a public forum in portuguese my problems with that misleading license, but I think it should be addressed by someone from the opensource initiative as well.
> In my point of view, this license is intentionally misleading to lead the most gullible into thinking they're using opensource software.

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> What can be done more to this effect?

The "Open Source" trademark was not certified.

Have you contacted the company?

If their response is not considered sufficient, I'd submit the usual:  a
Slashdot story that makes clear that the company is trying to free-ride
the "OSI Open Source Certified Software®" mark, that the true mark is as
shown above, not "Open Source", and that the company's claims fail the
OSD on multiple points.


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