MrNet has a non compliant opensource license

phil hunt philh at
Mon Oct 29 01:48:43 UTC 2001

On Sunday 28 October 2001 10:43 pm, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > What can be done more to this effect?
> The "Open Source" trademark was not certified.
> Have you contacted the company?

If this has not already been done, I'd suggest a *polite* note
sent to them pointing out their error and suggesting that they
either refrain from calling it "open source" or change their
license so it complies with the Open Source Definition.

It may be an honest mistake, and their is no point in accusing
and annoying people unnecessarily.

> If their response is not considered sufficient, I'd submit the
> usual:  a Slashdot story that makes clear that the company is
> trying to free-ride the "OSI Open Source Certified Software®" mark,
> that the true mark is as shown above, not "Open Source", and that
> the company's claims fail the OSD on multiple points.

Indeed. But firstly, contact the company.

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