[Approval Request] BSD-Lite license

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Mon Nov 26 22:54:54 UTC 2001

On Sunday 25 November 2001 02:48 pm, Paul Guyot wrote:

> The BSD-Lite is derived from the BSD license. I just removed "this
> lists of conditions" from clauses 1 and 2 of the BSD license.
> Indeed, these clauses makes the BSD license with licenses such as the
> GPL, as explained here:
> http://www.kallisys.org/bsd-lite/bsd-gpl/?lg=en

I wasn't aware that there was a problem with BSD-GPL compatibility. There are 
many GPLd projects with some source files under the BSD license (KDE, Linux, 
etc.) with narry a complaint from anyone who ever spent time reading the 
licences in question.

I've read over your arguments in your GPL/BSD page, and although I disagree 
that you are a "silly wanker", you are still wrong. Here's why:

A BSD licensed source file (or library, module, etc) in a GPL project cannot 
have its list of conditions removed. However this list of conditions does not 
apply to the whole project, only to the specific parts that are under the BSD 
license. According to the GPL, the work "as a whole" must be licensed under 
the GPL, not necessarily all of its parts. Since the BSD license does not 
restrict the user from exercising any of the rights or permissions granted by 
the GPL license attached to the "whole", there is no incompatibility.

David Johnson
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