[Approval Request] BSD-Lite license

Paul Guyot pguyot at kallisys.net
Sun Nov 25 22:48:16 UTC 2001

>1.	Put the license on a web page in HTML form. We will convert 
>it into the same style as the existing approved licenses. You can 
>help us by publishing it in that style yourself to save us the 
>conversion step.

The BSD-Lite license can be found here:

The presentation is OSI's.

>2.	Tell us which existing OSI-approved license is most similar 
>to your license. Explain why that license will not suffice for your 
>needs. If your proposed license is derived from a license we have 
>already approved, describe exactly what you have changed. This 
>document is not part of the license; it is solely to help the board 
>understand and review your license.

The BSD-Lite is derived from the BSD license. I just removed "this 
lists of conditions" from clauses 1 and 2 of the BSD license.
Indeed, these clauses makes the BSD license with licenses such as the 
GPL, as explained here:

I've written some code for a fellow developer who is working on a GPL 
project. I needed a license that will not prevent other developers 
(for another project) to include my code, so instead of using 
double-licensing, I preferred the BSD until I realized the problem of 
the list of conditions. Hence, I took the BSD and removed this 

Also, like the BSD license on OSI website, the BSD-Lite license is 
provided as a template.

>3.	Explain how software distributed under your license can be 
>used in conjunction with software distributed under other open 
>source licenses. Which license do you think will take precedence for 
>derivative or combined works? Is there any software license that is 
>entirely incompatible with your proposed license?.

I believe that, on the contrary to the BSD license, the BSD-Lite 
license can be used in conjunction with any other license. It won't 
take precedence over any license.

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