FYI: New revision of the Zope Public License

Hadar Pedhazur hadar at
Wed Nov 21 21:56:32 UTC 2001

Gregor wrote:
> AFAICS, (5.) is completely fine with the DFSG/OSD.

It should be, the words come _unchanged_ from the GPL
license (at RMS' suggestion :-).

> To me, (4.) seems to be a superfluous elaboration, not a
> restriction. By the way, Paul,
> doesn't yet exist.

I agree that it likely is superfluous. However, better
redundant (and safe), than ambiguous. RMS was OK with this
too, though he didn't like some earlier versions, which I
changed at his request!

You are correct that "Marks" isn't up yet. Since it didn't
have any effect on the license under any circumstances,
we've been moving slower (but in parallel) to get that
going. We want to include the updated ZPL 2.0 in the next
Alpha release of Zope 2.5 (within a few weeks at most), and
I'm going to announce that it can be applied _retroactively_
to any previous version of Zope, at the downloader's option.

So, the sooner you guys "approve" this, and ensure that
you'll list it, the sooner it will get out into the world.

Thanks for the kind words Gregor! It was a long time coming,
but we think we got it right :-).
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