Redistributions must retain this list of conditions

Paul Guyot pguyot at
Mon Nov 12 11:32:37 UTC 2001

>I'm not sure, since that clause is basically obsolete (though the
>Apache License still has it).  I think that it applies to all
>derivative works, however.

What's the difference with clause 1 and 2, they don't apply to all 
derivative works? (this was my primary problem, sorry to repeat it).

>What things?  Clause 1 of the GPL requires maintenance of the copyright
>notice, the warranty disclaimer, and (references to) the license itself.
>Same requirements.
>At a very picky level, you could claim that the BSD requires you to
>keep *the BSD* with the code, whereas the GPL requires you to keep
>*the GPL* with the code, and that these are technically different
>requirements.  But this does not pass what American lawyers call
>"the laugh test": if you make it in court, will the judge be able
>to keep a straight face?

I'm happy to make you laugh.
So what you say is that, clause 1:

>Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright 
>notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

means that I have to retain the list of conditions from the BSD 
license or the list of conditions from another license (say GPL) if 
my code is licensed under this other license?
I think I definitely have a problem with the semantic of this.

>The license need not be provided with the documentation as long as it
>is provided with "other materials".  The typical case is to keep it with
>the source code and in a separate file.

It's not what I meant. You seem to say that I can delete the list of 
conditions of the BSD license if I release the software under another 
license saying that the copyright notice, the warranty disclaimer and 
the license should be kept.

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