GPL under MacOS and NewtonOS

Paul Guyot pguyot at
Mon Nov 12 11:24:51 UTC 2001

>I think the deal here is that things normally distributed with
>*the compiler* are no problem, even if the compiler isn't normally
>distributed with the OS.  After all, Solaris is distributed without
>a compiler, and nobody doubts that you can compile GNU utilities
>with the (non-free) cc.

As I understand it, you can compile whatever you like under GPL with 
whatever tool.

However, it's not because nobody doubts about something that it's 
true. At least, let me doubt that GPL can be used with 
PowerPlant-based software.

Anyway, the problem here seems to be what is a major component of the 
operating system. Solaris's cc is published by Sun, so the case is 
less a problem (although I admit it's one) than Metrowerks PowerPlant.

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