[Approval Request] Kallisys Reflexive License

Paul Guyot pguyot at kallisys.net
Sun Nov 11 10:14:48 UTC 2001

>If modifications are allowed *and* the license applies to
>itself, then each and every user is allowed to modify the
>license text...

Except that the license has to be included into the documentation (as 
such) AND use (as defined in the license) of any work based on the 
covered work has to be subject to the original license (read: 
unmodified) plus additional clauses you may add to annex A (according 
to the existing clauses, i.e. the license, the original clauses of 
annex A and therefore the OSD takes precedence over your additional 

>This would mean I could remove the requirement that your
>copyright notice not be deleted, then I could make a
>new distribution with the modified license, after
>replacing your copyright notice with my own.

You can indeed release a text based on the KRL with modifications 
(i.e. say deleting a given clause), but this one has to be used only 
under the terms of the original license, and would therefore be 
pretty useless and could not be used as a license (since using it as 
a license is included in the definition of USE of the original KRL).

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