[Approval Request] Kallisys Reflexive License

Paul Guyot pguyot at kallisys.net
Sat Nov 10 21:57:05 UTC 2001

Hi Abe,

>I did a quick read of your license and found
>nothing that will let me modify the licensed code.

Thanks for that clever remark. For me, it was obviously included into 
a use of the covered work (since a big feature of open source is that 
you can use the source :), but I agree that it wasn't explicit enough 
(the mere fact that you asked proved it). So I clearly defined what I 
meant by using and reshaped section 4 accordingly. Thanks.

>I don't know if modifiability is required by the
>OSD, but it will definitely keep me from using
>your license for my software.

It's a misunderstanding, that's all, and I hope it's fixed.

>The idea of applying the license to itself seems
>a clever one, but is incompatible with allowing
>modifications to the licensed work.

I wonder why. Could you please develop, either regarding Draft 1 
(always interesting) or the newer Draft 2?


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