[Approval request] CMGPL licence

Marcel van der Boom marcel at hsdev.com
Wed Nov 7 19:20:42 UTC 2001

> Note that per the copyright license on the GPL itself (the GPL
> is not under the GPL!), you *must* have
> the FSF's permission to make a modified version of the GPL.

Ok here we go. I expected this question and this was the main reason

for the approval request (the content is not that different from the GPL)
That I used the GPL as a starting point, does that mean that I modified 
the GPL? I think the goal of the GPL not being under the GPL is to 
prevent misleading representations. We renamed the license to another 
name. The goals we have with the license are still the same aren't they?
If I change the wording of the license without changing the meaning and 
intent of the license (if that is at all possible) would it still be an 
adaptation of the GPL.

I will nevertheless contact fsf what their point of view is on this.

> 1) to reduce load on the OSI approval process;

valid reason, but if it's simple it can be quick and I'm not in a hurry. 
I just wanted a discussion and opinions of these changes. (and of course 
an approved license)

> 2) because the GPL is very well understood, not needing new
> mental machinery to figure out what is and isn't permitted;

I disagree, the GPL is *widely used* but not well understood. It all
depends which audience we are talking about. Especially in businesses 
the license is not well understood.

> 3) because I don't see sufficient evidence that deleting 3c and
> making other essentially trivial changes really makes such
> a difference to your business needs.
Well, we do (obviously). We don't see the need for 3c and we want our

license to be as lean as possible. The advocacy of the GPL in the 
license itself is actually bothering us. The license deals with rights 
and obligations. The explanation is not part of it (in my opinion). 
We've done some GPL-ed work and customers (actually almost all of them) 
asked us to remove the section. This was the trigger to draw up our own 
license without the preamble.

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