[Approval request] CMGPL licence

John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Wed Nov 7 19:05:55 UTC 2001

Marcel van der Boom wrote:

> The CMGPL is an slight adaptation of the GPL to suit it better to our 
> business needs. Notably the following changes were made (cosmetic 
> changes not included)

Note that per the copyright license on the GPL itself (the GPL
is not under the GPL!), you *must* have
the FSF's permission to make a modified version of the GPL.
The FSF has granted permission for this in the past;
try contacting licensing at gnu.org .

Otherwise, I believe your license is Open Source.  I don't speak

for the OSI (or the FSF) and I'm not a lawyer.

Nevertheless, I urge you to withdraw this license and make use of
the original unmodified GPL, for several reasons:

1) to reduce load on the OSI approval process;

2) because the GPL is very well understood, not needing new
mental machinery to figure out what is and isn't permitted;

3) because I don't see sufficient evidence that deleting 3c and
making other essentially trivial changes really makes such
a difference to your business needs.

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