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Wed Nov 7 02:52:04 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 10:40 am, Angelo Schneider wrote:

> Well, if linking was not legaly derived work, GPL and LGPL where in most
> cases voiod.
> If you put linking out as derived work, what remains?
> Basicly only making modifications to the original code base remains for
> creating derived work.

If you don't count pure linkage as a derivative work, you still include 
*static* derivation since by its nature it includes a copy of the original or 
derivative work. You still get to regulate how people copy, modify and 
distribute your work. You can still forbid proprietary forks. Yada yada yada.

> > anyway, the GPL says that derived works, including linked code,

The GPL doesn't say anything about linked code. It's quite silent on the 
topic. The only place where linking is even mentioned is after the words "END 

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