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> DeBug wrote:
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> > My question is what are the restrictions in lesser GPL ?
> > In other words what is the difference between
> > a) I write software and give it away for free without copyrighting it
> > b) I write software copyright it and issue it under lesser GPL
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> the GPL and LGPL both require re-distributed derived works
> to be licensed under the same terms as the original.
> This is how they are different than putting the code in public domain.
> The difference between the GPL and LGPL is that what they
> classify as 'derived'.
> when you link someone's code, you are creating a derived version.
> (personally, I don't like this. I see it nearly as evil as certain
> dumb patent laws. I think the only way to use code is to link it,
> so linking should not be restricted as a derived work.
> but it is legally recognized as a derived work.)
Well, if linking was not legaly derived work, GPL and LGPL where in most
cases voiod.
If you put linking out as derived work, what remains?
Basicly only making modifications to the original code base remains for
creating derived work.

> anyway, the GPL says that derived works, including linked code,

Here is the point: the GPL could not enforce to distribute code which
just links to an GPL library(note: no modification or work on the
original code involved) under the terms of the GPL.

> must be licensed under GPL if you distribute it as an executable.
> therefore, the only way to distribute non-GPL code with GPL code
> is with a make file, and have the user create the executable.
> The LGPL gives away this right. You can take non-LGPL code, compile
> and link it with LGPL code, and distribute the whole thing
> as an executable. (you still have to include all the original
> LGPL source code, etc) But you make it easier for the user ot
> actually use your code.

> if you wish to give away most of your rights,
> but want to prevent people from forking your code into proprietary versions,
> use something like the LGPL license.

I think you ment GPL and not LGPL here?

> end of rant.
> Greg


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