Is it really free software ?

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Mon Nov 5 08:40:46 UTC 2001

egc> But if I code some software, register it with the copyright office,
egc> put a LGPL license on it, put it on the web, and I DON'T get a 
egc> patent for it, 

egc> then, YOU shouldn't be able to take my code and patent it,
egc> just because there's no prior patent art, doesn't mean it's novel.
Explain me please how copyrights are compatible with free(libre) software?
Explain me please how patents are compatible with free(libre) software?
I somehow thought that the idea of the free software is incompatible with
both copyrights and patent laws...

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The Use & Compete Right:
Everyone is free (libre) to use(buy and consume) and compete(produce and sell)
if that does not restrict anybody else the same right to use and compete

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