Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

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Yes, you can use this software with FreeBSD. FreeBSD is subject to the BSD
license, so you have no patent license for the original code. You can use
the Intel code under the same terms, and just like under the BSD, you do not
get a patent license.

David Johnson writes:
 > On Tuesday 30 October 2001 08:21 pm, Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > David Johnson writes:
 > >  > Now wait one cotton pickin' minute here! You mean to tell me I can't
 > >  > this software on FreeBSD?
 > >
 > > Sure you can.  GPL your copy of it.
 > ??? GPL my copy of FreeBSD ???
 > Precisely how do I go about this? Replace all copies of the BSD license
 > /usr/src and recompile?

Why bother?  Why not simply decide in your own head that, if you ever
give away a copy of your FreeBSD, you'll do so under the GPL.  Poof,
instant GPL'ed operating system.

One of the things we *don't* do at the OSI is only approve sensible
licenses.  We also approve the ones that aren't likely to accomplish
the author's goals.  As long as they comply with the OSD, we approve
'em.  And when they don't, we don't.

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