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Leon Gommans leon at
Wed May 23 09:41:19 UTC 2001

It is real thrill working in the world of Open Source, it is amazing to 
see what has become possible in terms of software development over the 
last years, both from a technological and a collaboration point of view.

The Motosoto team has developed the "Communty Portal Server (CoPS)" over 
the last year, (fully based on "Open Source" products) and wants to make 
CoPS available to the Open Source Movement. We have evaluated several 
Open Source licenses and concluded that the Jabber Open Source License 
fits our needs best. 

However for "legal" reasons we need to create a new version of the JOSL, 
the applicable law should be Dutch instead of US. 

Changes in comparison to the JOSL are:

Intro: Protection by Dutch copyright law

License terms: 

Article 1 sub b: Derative Works, as defined under the dutch law

Article 7 sub a: Added a, referense to JOSL

Article 13: change to reflect Dutch Law and location of court

Definition of Derative works.

The MOSL has been included in this mail an can also be found on
Feel free in case of questions and/or remarks.

Thanx ...
Leon Gommans
leon_gommans at
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