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I just subscribed to the list, so if this has already been answered I
apologize for the repetition.

I've been scouring the web and my library trying to figure out why the Zope
Public License (ZPL) Version 1.0 is not on the OSI approved list, since it
would appear to be substantively identical to the Apache Software License.
Has Zope not applied? Or is it under consideration? Or has it been rejected?

The language used in the ZPL and at the web would make me guess
that it has been rejected - you see phrases like:

"This license has been certified as Open Source."
"This license has received OSD branding."

and, disturbingly,

"Our goals are to allow Zope to flourish as an Open Source(tm) project..." 

The first two, which are almost, but not quite, the OSI Certified notices,
lead me to believe that they wanted the cert, and want people to think they
have the cert, but of course they don't.

The last one is just strange - is Zope claiming to have a trademark on "Open
Source," or claiming that someone else has, and why (since neither are

Any clarity would be appreciated.



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