Fw: What is Copyleft?

Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. rod at cyberspaces.org
Fri Feb 23 16:20:23 UTC 2001

> Imagine I have two novels.
> On page 100 of Novel A, there is an instruction:  Open up Novel B, turn to
> Chapter 7.  When finished, come back to this point and continue reading.
> As the reader, (the processor in this analogy) I follow these
> My "thread of execution" takes me from Page 100 in Novel A, to Chapter 7
> Novel B, and back to page 100 of Novel A again.
> Are Novel A and B now a derivative work?
> Ryan

A derivative work of what? each other? The short answer is No. (BTW, in the
context of copyright, one ought not view source code as an instruction to a
computer. Remember, it's speech). :-)


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