Fw: What is Copyleft?

Ryan S. Dancey ryand at frpg.com
Fri Feb 23 07:36:13 UTC 2001

From: "David Johnson" <david at usermode.org>

> > Making a function call
> > is not the same thing as actually incorporating the code of that
> > into the body of the calling code.
> Though I'm on your "side", there is a big difference between data transfer
> and code execution. Transferring data between two processes by way of IPC
> a network protocol is in a completely different realm than a single thread
> execution weaving its way in and out between an application and a library.

As a practical matter, I agree.  As a programmer, I understand the concept
of a "thread of execution".

Does the copyright statute?  In other words, does the law see a series of
instructions executed in a certain order as a derivative work, regardless of
how those instructions came to be excecuted in that order?

Imagine I have two novels.

On page 100 of Novel A, there is an instruction:  Open up Novel B, turn to
Chapter 7.  When finished, come back to this point and continue reading.

As the reader, (the processor in this analogy) I follow these instructions.
My "thread of execution" takes me from Page 100 in Novel A, to Chapter 7 of
Novel B, and back to page 100 of Novel A again.

Are Novel A and B now a derivative work?


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