boomberg bloopers (personal)

Ralf Schwoebel puzzler at
Fri Feb 16 05:54:27 UTC 2001

> Jim Allchin is so completely off base on this one it's hardly worth a

Hi David,

thanks for the same state of wonder :-)

Aside from business life I feel personally confused. All the times on
hearings, panel discussions, trade shows, etc. seem to vanish on that
article. I see Maddog, both Brian's, SuSE's Dyroff, etc. fighting for
the idea of OPEN. I see us on that list discussing how and why this and
that licese might be right.

At the end of the day, Bloomberg, one of the 3 global news providers
besides CNN and Reuters post an article our customers will read
(BASF is Bloomberg customer, too) and tomorrow I have to tell
the CTO of a 50,000 employee company again, why an Open Source
license is great, why it preserves his right as an enterprise, etc.

What would happen, if Bloomberg says: "Windows2000 is now for
free and the customers do not have to pay"....?

Microsoft sues them?

GPL preserves the ownership and grants the freedom. Bloomberg puts it:
If you buy Linux, you enter a space free of legal definitions... ARGL!

Suffering anger attacks,

Ralf Schwoebel,

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