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Brian Behlendorf brian at
Fri Feb 16 08:56:38 UTC 2001

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Ralf Schwoebel wrote:
> We still wait for comments from the board on our license, but
> meanwhile please comment on that:

Heh, I wish they had included the part where I said if MS really said that
Open Source was a threat to "innovation" and inellectual property, then MS
doesn't understand copyright laws OR open source.  I'm glad the opposing
viewpoint made it in there, it was actually an IDC analyst I talked with.

My comment about "fascist" was in the context of explaining that most
companies who are involved in open source development do so because it can
enhance their revenues elsewhere - in hardware, services, or even other
proprietary software.  I gave the example of Linus and Transmeta as one
where there is a mixed model of closed and open.

Note of course, Ralf, that Linus has a very clear notion about what is
Open Source, and what is not, and don't try to claim otherwise.

This is the start of a concerted effort by MS to attack Linux on
non-technical fronts.  I can see them aiming to compare the effect of Open
Source on the software industry to be equivalent to the effect of Napster
on the music industry.  Bullocks - you may agree or disagree with the
contention that swapping someone else's IP against their will is theft,
but you can't claim that someone who writes software and *intentionally*
gives it away for free is a threat to anyone.  This is a pile of manure
so silly that even the press won't buy it.  Next they'll attack it on
patent, trademark, and labor law bases.

> I think, "FREE does not mean GRATIS" is totally stated wrong and
> some native speakers should write to Bloomberg to get their head
> into the right place, and I guess they left half of the statement of Brian
> out. I do not have the perception of to put that incomplete...
> Does Microsoft own Bloomberg? Or do they invite journalists to
> cruiseship trips to the carribean sea?

Uh, Bloomburg isn't giving an editorial in this article, they're reporting
what people said.


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